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Macbeth Essay

Looking for a writing activity that involves in-depth character analysis? This essay assignment gives students the opportunity to write about a character of choice within the play, and provide some background details and inquiry.

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SMARTePlans Digital Macbeth Character Analysis Interactive Notebook

Digital Macbeth character analysis notebook for Google Drive. Analyze each main character in William Shakepeare's "Macbeth". This activity is perfect for the digital or 1:1 high school English classroom.

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Macbeth Character Collages: An Interactive Digital Activity

MACBETH: Looking for a way to engage your students? Try this fun, but meaningful, interactive digital activity.

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This picture has different words that can describe the witches. They are evil and give many superstitions to Macbeth. These superstitions led Macbeth to kill Banquo and truly believe he is meant it be king. The witches also cause a bunch of violence.

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Macbeth Character Map Worksheet - Act Four

Help your students make sense of all the characters in Shakespeare's play, Macbeth, with this character map activity. Using the clues on the map, students fill in the correct names of the characters.An answer key is included.Want more Macbeth resources?

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PSYCHOANALYSIS OF LADY MACBETH - Character Study of Shakespeare's Famous Queen

Lady Macbeth is a fascinating character - have your students analyse her mental health and collect key quotes along the way. A perfect way to inspire forensic reading and encourage them to LOVE Shakespeare!

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