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Macbeth Study Guides

Study Guides for Act I-V of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Also in the file is a short background about Shakespeare.

Common Core Ready: Macbeth Study Guide

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macbeth-study-guide-with-anwers-presentation by Debra Stephen via Slideshare

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WORLD HISTORY & LIT: PBS William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" The play is online at ( Patrick Stewart ) & Curriculum Guide, too. We also used the Macbeth study guide found in the ABEKA's English Literature teacher's manual-

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Macbeth themes, symbols, apparitions, sketchnotes, guided notes, and background

Shakespeare's Macbeth is loaded with imagery. So why not use a great learning strategy for visual learning? This Macbeth teaching resource for themes, symbols, and apparitions is creative and filled with opportunities for differentiation. Your students will use the graphic note organizers to find quotes for textual evidence and discover a deeper meaning of Shakespeare's tragedy. The teacher notes give a great Macbeth summary and are useful during guided instruction. ($)

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Use this portion of the Macbeth Study guide to underststand symbols in Macbeth.