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Madeira Wine and Chocolate Seminar and Tasting in Funchal Come and try the best flavors of the island with a perfect pairing of Madeira Wine and Chocolate made in Madeira with local ingredients. The seminar goes for one and a half hours and we will talk about some of the amazing stories regarding Madeira Wine and its production process. Most importantly, you will of course taste the best harmonies between 4 Madeira Wines (5 and 10 years) and chocolates made in Madeira ...

Madeira Wine Tour-Vineyards and Cellars Over the course of a day you will taste several wines from Madeira and see some amazing vineyards. Join a great tour of vineyards and enjoy some great wine.We will start to show you the vineyards and take on visits to Madeira Wine (the famous fortifies wine) cellars. But we will also take you to taste our young still wines (white, rosé and red wines). Over an 8 hour tour we will take you to the magical and secular world of Madeira Wine a...


Everything You Should Know About Madeira Wine

Madeira wine - find out how it was discovered, why the American colonists raved about it, how it's made and the wild place that it hails from.

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What is Madeira Wine

What is Madeira? The Island Wine - via Wine Folly 27.03.2015 | Madeira used to be the most popular wine in America during the time of pioneering ideologues like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. So when you taste Madeira, you are trying what people cared about over 200 years ago. Madeira is in fact, one of the few wines of the world that hasn’t changed. Photo: The different types of Madeira wine


Glass and bottle of Madeira wine from Vinhos Justino Henriques. Colheita 1996 "Fine rich" (Malvasia) / | License: CC BY-SA 3.0


Madeira Wines; Its History, Terroir and Production by Louis S. Luzzo, Sr. @GourmetGuyMag #portugal | I'd like to take a look at a wine that is oft-overlooked. Madeira. This is a wine most misunderstood. Unfortunately, until recently, the American view of this type of wine has been a bit skewed by the cheaper versions, sometimes seasoned with salt or pepper and used for cooking. This is a wonderful wine that can be enjoyed as a dry aperitif or a sweet dessert wine. It is also a Protected...


10 Madeira wines for Christmas: Heat plays an integral part in the array of styles, complexity and great longevity of Madeira wines. See 10 to try this Christmas.