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17 Madonna Songs From The '80s That Will Instantly Put You In A Good Mood

Black dresses with leggings to menswear with exposed lacy bras, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone made the women of that time look all the more sexier. The movie, 'Desperately Seeking Susan' set trends which were offending for men but loved by the ladies.

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Rock & Roll Fashion Icons: The Women

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madonnaciccone: amen-madonna: Madonna at Keith Haring’s birthday party in 1984. Her left hand is on her tag name BoyToy and below her righ...

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Like a Virgin: Rare Images of Madonna In the 80s

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Madonna xo!!! I've fantasized about being her in material girl since the first time I saw it and was in heaven!

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Grunge fashion - grunge fashion in the 80s was picked up by musicians and surfers. Grunge fans adopted the "put-on-poverty" look. This time was characterized by shapeless print dresses, torn jeans, faded denim vests, plain shirts, blue jeans, unkempt. Madonna was a fan of this style.

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