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Quirky Covert Magnetic - Lock The Covert is a discreet lock that you can attach to the inside of practically any storage with a door or drawer. It comes with a magnetic “key” that moves the Covert’s latch to lock or unlock it.


magnetic latch (invisible drawer lock)


If you’re looking for a storage solution that matches your passion for guns, while still keeps things on the hush hush, TacticalWalls has something for you. The company specializes in shelves that double as storage solutions for rifles and handguns. When folded up, they’re hardwood shelves that are perfect for holding pictures or knickknacks, but when you drop them down by disengaging two hidden locks with the supplied magnetic keys, there’s ample room for your firearms, thanks to a ...


TOP Security RFID Door Access Control Kit + Magnetic Lock+ Infrared Exit Button -

Baby Safety Locks And Latches: Kidco Adhesive Mount Magnet Lock 2 Starter Sets BUY IT NOW ONLY: $51.58

Impossible Magnet?! Magnets Can't Do That ! ! !Wait what? Magnets don’t work this way! This impossible magnet locks another magnet in space, trapping it from going up or down. It also repels both the north and south poles of another magnet. While this magnetic configuration may seem impossible its not. A cool diy magnetic toy but the principle illustrated has many real world applications which will likely been seen in the near future.