Mail Tag — Bianca Jagoe, an easy way to get friends involved with mailing letters to each other

Mail Tag

free "mail tag" game Has a mail tag request generator on site

these are supremely more interesting questions ; ask away lil plants

Dating and relationship info. And even if you have been married for 20 years. treat your relationship as if your dating and keep the spark alive.

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Mail Tag Free Printable

Another mail tag free printable from The Paperdashery - great to include with a letter to your penpal. Get to know them better by asking fun questions!

Snail Mail Ideas Envelope Art for the Unartistic - washi tape, pens, stickers and stampers mean you don't have to be great at art to pretty up your happy mail envelopes!

Envelope Art for the Unartistic

21 Questions to ask on Date Night

21 Questions to ask on Date Night. I think I'll remember some of these of stake Dances


, What Are the Best Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone? This infographic could be a fun speaking/listening exercise for a pair of ELLs, or for teachers to use to get to know their ELL students better.

Mail tags are the perfect way to get to know new pen pals! Need some idea for questions? Why not use our free printable!

What is a Mail Tag + Gorgeous Free Printable

Mail tag ideas!

Are you playing Mail Tag too? Link me some of your "Mail Tag" pictures!