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Mail Transmog: Northern Barrier - Female Draenei Shoulders - The Wavemender’s Mantle ; Chest: - Tunic of the Artifact Guardian; Hands - Corpse Scarab Handguards; Waist - Belt of the Beloved Companion; Legs- Mammoth Legwraps; Feet - Titan-Forged Sabatons of Triumph. For hunters, Final Voyage


Angelic #paladin #transmog set for #worldofwarcraft! follow my blog for more awesome looking sets! #wow @World of Warcraft Pins


Mail Transmog - "Ghostworld" - Male and Female Draenei; Shoulders: Observer’s Mantle ; Chest: Ghostworld Chestguard; Hands: Chain Gloves of the Quarry; Waist: Vicious Gladiator’s Links of Cruelty; Legs: Swiftarrow Leggings; Feet: Treads of Flawless Creation; Main-Hand: Fang Kung, Spark of the Titans.