A Quick and Easy Main Idea Activity that will hold your students' interests!

A Quick and Easy Main Idea Activity!

Language Art: Visual Representation I would use this activity to support students with reading comprehension. A Quick and Easy Main Idea Activity that will hold your students' interests!

These nine main idea strategies will help your students successfully master this important reading skill. The Teacher Next Door shares her favorite main idea strategies for teachers of upper elementary students.

9 Strategies You Should be Using to Teach Main Idea

Main Idea, Main Topic, Main Focus anchor chart

16 Reading Strategies to Teach This Year

Determine the main ideas and supporting details of a text read aloud or information presented in diverse media and formats including visually, orally, and quantitatively. Narrative and informational text anchor chart (main idea)

How to Find the Main Idea - Easy Strategy for Main Idea - Great for Reading Comprehension @ TeacherKARMA.com

How to Find the Main Idea: FREE Resources

Finding the main idea - from k12reader.com An AWESOME resource with spelling lists, reading comprehension shorts, reading instruction help, etc.

1st or 2nd Grade Main Idea Worksheet about Storms

After reading a brief passage about storms, students are prompted to write the main idea and 3 details.

Growing Firsties: Farley, Common Core Crunch - May & Giveaway Alert

Common Core Crunch - May

Common Core ELA and Math Printables for Test Prep, Morning Work, Word Work, Sub Tub and Daily

Teaching main idea can be so tricky. Read this post to learn about three different ways this fifth grade teacher teaches main idea of informational text.

Teaching Main Idea of Nonfiction Text *3 Different Ways

I tackled teaching main idea of nonfiction text this week. Throughout the entire week we focused on finding the main idea through a variety of strategies.

Free Main Idea vs. Theme Sort! Determining the main idea of a story is tricky, but throw in theme, and things get even more muddled. Help your students see the difference between theme and main idea with this free and quick sort.

Teaching Main Idea Vs. Theme

A free sorting activity for students to complete to help them grasp the difference between theme and main idea.