H2O Mermaids on Make A Gif Gotta watch this show on Netflix h2o just add water it is addictive

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30 Años Esperando is an animated gif that was created for free on MakeAGif.

How to: make a GIF. Simple tutorial for Photoshop. DIY found here: http://thepapermama.com/2012/05/wordlessish-wednesday-how-i-make-a-gif.html

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20 Mind-Flipping Gymnastics GIFs...memories of judging. Always hoped that gymnasts would wear a black dot on their stomach to make it easier to count the number of rotations/twists

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Make A Gif. Créer des Gif animés

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Hulk Smashing Loki (The Avengers) on Make A Gif

Gatiss sneak attack (gif). - This never stops being adorable. << hahaha awkward HIS SMILE. <<< awww so cute!

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