How to make an infinity scarf. Step by step tutorial with less than a yard of fabric and ten minutes, you'll be on your way to sewing your first infinity scarf in no time!

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This picture shows how to turn a section of a t-shirt into a scarf. This is useful because now I know how to make a scarf out of a t-shirt.

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Sewing expert, Samina Mirza shows you how to make a scarf with a hidden pocket for moms on the go with step by step sewing instructions.

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Perfect handmade gift for the holidays! DIY a flannel and fringe scarf that any girl would love to wear.

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DIY linen scarf using 1 yard of fabric. Trim the selvedge and fringe the shorter sides. Either make a tiny hem down the long sides or just use a short zigzag to keep those edges neat. Use a needle to make 4" fringe and tie it off at every half inch.

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Adding a scarf is one of the easiest way to make an outfit chic! This tutorial shows 40 creative ways to wear a scarf.

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DIY T-shirt Scarves - roundup of tutorials and instructions showing you how to make a scarf out of a T-shirt. Recycle old T-shirts into cute scarves.

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