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How to make Rock Candy Recipe

Have you every wondered how to make rock candy? It's easy to grow your own rock candy! Rock candy is formed from sugar crystals that look like rock crystals and you can eat them. yum yum. You can grow beautiful clear sugar crystals with sugar and water or you can add food coloring to get colored crystals. It is simple, safe, and fun. Boiling water is required to dissolve the sugar, so adult supervision is recommended for this project. We started this project with a heart rock candy recipe…

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How to Make Flavored Rock Candy

Rock candy is candy made by crystallizing sugar. You can grow sugar crystals yourself, plus add color and flavor to make rock candy that you can eat.

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How to Make Rock Candy

You don't have to visit a candy store to get colorful rock candy. See how easy it is to grow your own sparkling (and tasty) rock candy crystals at home.