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Make your own wedding cakes

How to Make a Wedding Cake

TLC How to Make a Wedding Cake. Why pay big money for an expensive, bakery-made wedding cake when you can easily build your own romantic creation at home? Though the prospect of creating a tiered cake may seem daunting, it is based on some pretty simple elements of architectural support. Like all sound construction, a tiered cake begins with a good foundation.


20 Wow Wedding Cake Alternatives

Cookie wedding tower-- a fun and inexpensive wedding cake alternative. Make up your own cookies and give guests the recipe for something really special.


Get ready for a long long post all about how I, an amateur baker with no experience, made my own wedding cake! It was quite the labor of love. I enjoyed every minute of learning how to make it, practicing, and finally baking it. And, I think it turned out pretty well! If you are... Read More »