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eBay Bargains #46 - Blogger Tool Kit

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4 Cheap & Easy DIY Blog Props

Want to create some unique blog props? Here are 4 super easy projects you will want to try out!

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12 Things to Know Before You Start a Beauty Blog

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Tips for taking brighter photos

Tips for taking brighter photos It's been a little while since we last talked Photography. Today, we'll talk, once again, about taking bright photos,

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Brightening Tired Eyes (Sophie's Makeup Blog)

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The Ultimate Guide to Scheduling Your Instagram + Instagram Lessons

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How to Launch Your Blog with a Bang

Ever launched a blog expecting to make a big splash but... nothing happened? You were sending post after post out into the ether. No readers (not even your mom), no comments, no shares. Why? It wasnt that your content wasnt good. It doesnt have to be

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