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Un coeur brisé se répare... / Street art.


Who said it: Prophet or princess? - This is too funny. Harder than you think. Click on the first image, make your guess and then click to the next image and it will show you who said it. Donʻt peek at all the images.


Make A Motorized LSD Spiral - A Powerful Illusion on Your Wall!

Make A Motorized LSD Spiral - A Powerful Illusion on Your Wall! This says that if you look at it for a bit, then look away, other objects get distorted. Could be cool to put it at the end of a relatively long hall, so people have to see it, then the next room will be disorienting.


LSD could make you smarter, happier and healthier. Should we all try it?

Each panel is an individual artwork in vividly colored enamel. The rectangular shapes have a center of copper that has been hand-embossed in a hydraulic press to have an asymmetrical patchwork pattern. They are enameled and fired several times on both sides, and hand-stoned in-between each firing to reveal the raised copper pattern. Lots of time, and lots of love goes into each and every piece! The enamel is etched so that it has a matte, not shiny, surface. So beautiful and light on the…


CTR chart, the shield moves up or down the strings to the top/bottom. Once it reaches the top, the class earns their snack/treat, encouraging good choices in class. Got the idea and printable words from the blog I have no rights to the pictures or word art.