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Community Post: 16 Signs That You're A Biology Major

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Breaking Bad Art Print

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Breaking Bad. These boys have been making meth almost as good as moms, haha.

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We have to swipe our license to buy Sudafed so that our gov't can keep track of how much we buy in case we want to stock pile to make meth. But, if you exchange the word "bullets" for "Sudafed" and "go on a rampage" for "make meth" people get all frothy at the mouth about our freedoms. The same people who are for the voter ID laws are against gun registration?!? Can you say hypocrisy? Not advocating stripping anyone of their right to bear arms, but we are advocating responsible ownership

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What's This New 'Shake and Bake' Method of Making Meth?

What's This New 'Shake and Bake' Method of Making Meth?: Bottle Used to Make Shake and Bake Meth

Gather around and pose with the meth head kids!! Yeah it just doesn't make sense does it??!! Smh so he can pose for pics and visit with meth heads but he can't go around his own mother BC dope head trumps fag any day right?? Smh yeah that's how ignorant you all look right now!! One word. Karma.

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Meth mouth. Who on earth would want to do this to their body? let alone their teeth?!? Dont Do Meth!

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Awesome Breaking Bad Art Exhibition

Awesome Breaking Bad Art Exhibition :: "The Cooks" by Mike Mitchell // #MyModernMetropolis

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