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Make Soap Without Using Lye

There's an answer for us scaredy-cat soapmakers who don't want to use caustic lye when making soap! This method is easy and safe to do with kids around.

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Lye can be dangerous when not handled properly, so here are 3 ways to make your own soap without it! | How to Make DIY Soap without Lye from #LoveToKnow

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This is a great idea for Christmas presents! Everyone loves a gift that takes your own time and hands to make. Make your own herbal soap without handling lye

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Make Goat Milk Soap Without Lye In Your Own Home! [Video Tutorial]

Using a melt and pour soap base, you can easily make your own custom goat milk soaps without handling lye. Watch the video to learn how. From FrugalChicken

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How to Make Lye Free Soap

Life Hack: This is the easy way to make Soap At Home Naturally! You can make homemade soap without handling Lye. BONUS - It's simpler than you might think!

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How to Make Soap (With or Without Lye)

Want to make your own soap, but don't want to risk handling lye? Here's a hack to help you still enjoy the process :-)

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How to Make Olive Oil Soap Without Lye

For centuries, olive oil and olive oil-based skincare products have been known to provide many benefits to the skin. You can purchase olive oil-based soap, but many store-bought soaps contain lye, a strong alkaline, caustic substance that can dry and irritate the skin. As an alternative, you can make your own olive oil soap without lye by using a...

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Make Goat Milk Soap Without Lye In Your Own Home! [Video Tutorial]

Goat milk makes some of the best soap out there - but who wants to handle lye? If this sounds like you, you'll love this step-by-step video tutorial which shows you how to make custom goat milk soap in your home, without handling lye. From FrugalChicken #soap #bath

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Making Soap Without Lye

This is a guide about making soap without lye. Making soap at home can be a great way to save money. However, many recipes call for using lye in soap making. Lye is not a very safe chemical to have around.

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