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Malcolm Hardee’s Wibbley Wobbley boat has re-appeared somewhere else

My night with Becky Fury a few feet from where Malcolm Hardee drowned

The night comedian Malcolm Hardee met gangster Charlie Richardson

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An average day with Red Bastard, rants & a girl with crisp packets on her breasts

In 2011 I presented Bob with his Malcolm Hardee Award

M is for Malcolm Hardee. He was a comedian, compère, proprietor, author, agent, manager and “amateur sensationalist”, there was always a cunning stunt to hand. He was seen by many to be the Godfather of Alternative Comedy. Rob Newman said he was ”a hilarious, anarchic, living legend; a millennial Falstaff” – which edges him ahead of the Mary Whitehouse Experience for ‘M’.

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Nathan Cassidy: Back to the Future at Laughing Horse @ The Hobgoblin Malcolm Hardee Award nominee and Best Show Winner at the Buxton Fringe 2014. After a space-time-continuum-changing encounter with Doctor Emmett Brown, Nathan realises there is only one thing that has changed over the last 30 years. It isn’t flying cars. And it’s about to ruin all of our lives. - See more at:

Comedy (2014) Malcolm Hardee Award Nominee Nathan has a date of death. "Cassidy is a great comedian and if he isn’t the Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner for 2013 he’ll have you down the bookies for next year" (Broadway Baby). This year, in his most personal stand-up show to date, Nathan’s giving away everything, whilst dancing to the hits of Phil Collins!- See more at:

J is for Jo Brand. Originally performed as the ‘Sea Monster’, encouraged by her agent Malcolm Hardee (coming up, see M). She was around the alternative comedy scene from a fairly early time. We could have also gone for Josie Long, or Janey Godley, or Phill Jupitus or Miles Jupp or a heap of other people starting or ending with J…

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Comedy (2014) An hour of stand-up, stories and tales from the world of Barry. Winner of the Malcolm Hardee Award 2013, Winner of the Comedy Store New Act competition - See more at: