Chinese ink painting style bird tattoo - Powerful and freedom. This bird tattoo speaks loudly these two words. The Chinese ink painting style only adds life to the design.

40 Incredible Artistic Tattoo Designs

Surreal thigh tattoo This thigh tattoo gives off a retro vibe infused with the jungle. It kinds of remind you of those cool graffiti you see on city walls. Tattoos has been around not just for years or decades;

An image can tell a whole story

These ink ideas and designs will literally give you wings. Discover 75 remarkable angel tattoos for men, and learn about the messenger meaning behind them.

Tattoo Artist Romeo Lacoste defense male back tattoos. via Today Show

In defense of the male back tattoo

Tattoo Artist Romeo Lacoste defense male back tattoos. via Today Show

Unique awesome amazing hyper realism realistic 3d tattoo tattoos body art cool Bio-mechanical Biomechanical greyscale beautiful male guy full arm back chest sleeve warrior

You might think that skull tattoos symbolize death. Nothing could be further from the truth! But are you man enough to wear a Skull Tattoos for Men?

[ Open w/ Dylan ] He takes a drag from his cigarette and looks up at you when you walk past him, checking you out. He whistles and chuckles "Come back here baby. I'm needy and you're definitely what I'm looking for." He smirks when you turn around to look at him

If we disregard the tattoo this would be awesome, unless of course Terry got a Tattoo. But I don't think it'd be flaming skull.