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Australian Man Dedicates His Life to Rescuing Orphaned Kangaroos in the Outback

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Hello! I'm Jasper the largest kangaroo here I out rank every animal here by size and strength if you wanna fight then tiu better be ready to have some broken ribs I'm kind and fast I have no mate and I'm a male

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Lumholtz's tree-kangaroo (Dendrolagus lumholtzi) is a heavy-bodied tree-kangaroo found in rain forests of the Atherton Tableland Region of Queensland. Its status is classified as least concern by the IUCN, although local authorities classify it as rare.

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I love how the Roos balance on their tails and kick out with those strong back legs. These ones are probably just having fun.

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These Stunning Photos Prove Boxing Kangaroos Are Actually A Thing

* * VICTIM ROO: "OMPF! Yoo playin' dirty pool punching meez in de gut wif yer surfboard feetz! Yoo be tryin' to disembowel me" KICKIN' ROO: "Izn't dat wut we supposed to beez doin'? Dis nots noes game. Dis be de genuine article!"

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Kangaroos sparring in Austalia’s Grampians National Park is just one of many, possible wildlife encounters Down Under. And, a beautiful, scenic drive! View the photographic slideshow to see unique discoveries that can enhance your travel! Go to

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The antilopine kangaroo forms strange groups that consist of either all females or all males. Male kangaroos show red body while females are grey in color.

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