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Culex (Mosquito) Antennae The male mosquito has large bushy antennae, which he uses to listen for the buzz of a potential mate. He responds only to the humming frequency given by a female of the same species and will fly in the direction of the sound to mate with her. Male mosquitoes do not bite, but feed on plant juices and flower nectar. Only female mosquitoes bite animals and require a blood meal.

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Great freebie!  These pictures make excellent bulletin board and door posters. And it comes with a description of the process of scanning with an electron microscope (SEM)

Great freebie! These pictures make excellent bulletin board and door posters. And it comes with a description of the process of scanning with an electron microscope (SEM)

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Female mosquitoes feed on human blood because they need the protein and other components to produce their eggs.

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Head and antennae from a male mosquito | by ZEISS Microscopy

Zika virus: Floridians fear 'Pandora's box' of genetically altered mosquitos

Oxitec mosquito larvae are shown. Each male mosquito released by Oxitec will…

To combat the bug problem in Los Angeles, insect-control experts are releasing thousands of male mosquitoes infected with a powerful bacterium: SciAm,November 2015

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Mosquito birth control: Scientists find new way to sterilise mosquitoes in push to prevent Zika, dengue

If scientists have their way, soon controlling mosquitoes that transmit diseases like Zika, dengue and chikungunya through a pioneering method using the nuclear-based sterile insect technique (SIT) would be possible. The SIT is a type of "birth control" wherein wild female insects of the pest

Brazil is planning to fight the Zika virus by zapping millions of male mosquitoes with gamma rays to sterilise them and stop the spread of the virus linked

A 10th grader discovered a sound pattern that attracts male mosquitoes away from females. It could help to reduce mosquito breeding without genetic modifications or pesticides. (Maybe a good way to cover the mosquito-borne diseases we've been talking about?)

Jeez! Think about it!! Every time I was killing a lady Mosquitoe. RIP u'all! ✌ ps- Male Mosquitoes I'm proud of u guys! ❤

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Making Tiny Things Glorious With Microscopic Photography

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World’s largest mosquito factory hopes to prevent ZikaThe ... World’s largest mosquito factory hopes to prevent Zika The Sun Yat-Sen University-Michigan University Joint Center of Vector Control for Tropical Disease is conducting field trials to prevent Zika near Guangzhou, China. Considered the world’s largest mosquito factory, the laboratory raises millions of male mosquitos for research that could prove key to the race to prevent the spread of Zika virus. The lab’s mosqu..

Electronic Mosquito Coil The E-Coil uses frequency waves and light without scent or fragrances to repel mosquitoes and keeping them at bay. The traditional coil leaves ash residue and may have an annoying scent. This new e-version releases frequency waves identical to the ones that male mosquitoes release when flying, and this wave apparently irks the female mosquitoes and keeps them away.

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Male mosquitoes don’t bite and both genders live on fruit and plant nectar. However, females don’t actually digest blood for feeding, but only store it to utilise its protein to further develop their young. They’re classified as parasites because they don’t kill their prey, as they need it to survive in order to keep using its resources. The females can lay up to 300 eggs, so by eliminating the source, you’ll be lessening their population within your garden.

“Will their GM DNA be injected into your arm or leg? Oxitec has counteracted this objection by stating they only plan to release male mosquitoes, which don’t bite. This again sounds good in theory… but in reality, sorting millions of insects according to sex is no small feat. And even FKMCD notes that although ‘every effort is made to release only males,’ Oxitec trials show that .03 percent of the mosquitoes released are female.” -Dr. Joseph Mercola (source)

15 Amazing facts of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the amazing insects in all over the world. Most amazing fact is only female mosquito bite humans and male mosquito only suck the plant nectar.

World's largest 'mosquito factory' in China to release 20 million bugs a week

In southern China, millions of male mosquitoes are bred each week with a bacteria they will pass on to wild female mosquitoes, which render their female offspring infertile and could greatly reduce risk of disease in a very short period of time.