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Culex (Mosquito) Antennae The male mosquito has large bushy antennae, which he uses to listen for the buzz of a potential mate. He responds only to the humming frequency given by a female of the same species and will fly in the direction of the sound to mate with her. Male mosquitoes do not bite, but feed on plant juices and flower nectar. Only female mosquitoes bite animals and require a blood meal.


Male Mosquito Mouth deep zoom image scanned by the uScopeMXII digital microscope. This image was captured using a 20x (0.40NA) objective.

Crimson Dropwing Dragonfly (Trithemis aurora), though these are the males of the species


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Making Tiny Things Glorious With Microscopic Photography

microphotography: Male mosquito 10x by David Maitland


2013 Photomicrography Competition Dr. Gareth Paul Jones University of Brighton Brighton, United Kingdom Subject Matter: Head of a male Culex pipiens mosquito (70x) Technique: Stereomicroscopy, Fiber Optic Illumination


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Now This is Buzzworthy: Rare Species of Mosquito is World's Most Beautiful - The Featured Creature


Genetically modified mosquitoes fight dengue fever

"Genetically modified mosquitoes fight dengue fever." The headline's off, this is a program to genetically alter male MOSQUITOS so their offspring never mature. This is an idiotic idea! A crash in mosquito population in one generation will crash bird and bat populations and lead to other affects past that, including a loss of pollinator insects as mosquitos' many predators try to find other food sources!