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GOLD MALIBU COCKTAIL - 100ml Malibu coconut rum, 50 ml vodka,1 shredded coconut, coconut flakes (for garnish), Edible gold powder.


Malibu Drink

1 small can of pineapple juice ... 1 ounce of grenadine ... 1-2 ounces of Malibu Pineapple Rum ... 1 Tablespoon of Cherry juice ... Directions: Mix all add ice - Enjoy.

from Cocktail Culture

Hurricane Cocktails

Tidal Wave - 1 ½ parts Malibu Coconut, ¾ parts Pineapple Juice, Splash of Blue Curacao, Splash of Coconut Cream, Shake vigorously in a shaker and fine strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a piece of pineapple.


MALIBU Mali-Blue ADD A HINT OF COLOUR TO YOUR NIGHT WITH THIS BLUE BEAUTY. DRINK INGREDIENTS: 50ml Malibu 5ml Blue Curacao Lemonade HOW TO MIX THE DRINK: Pour all the ingredients over cubed ice in a highball glass. Stir to mix & garnish with a lemon.

from Coco's Tea Party

Celebrating the Sunshine With Malibu Rum Cocktails


Malibu Summer Fun

The most FUN, refreshing Malibu Cocktail for this Summer ! Looks very inviting with the green and pink/red fruit pieces and a non-alcoholic alternative is also given

Try an Alcohol FREE version of a Malibu mixed drink in this Malibu Cocktail Inspired Spritzer recipe! #Nutrisystem @GimmieFreebies_Recipes


We can't wait for the #XFactor finale! We've created this #Malibu #cocktail inspired by one of the fab four judges. It's straight up and sour! Can you guess who it's for? ;) Make it with 50ml Malibu, 10ml Triple Sec and 75ml @Funkin margarita mix. Add to ice filled cocktail shaker and strain into a martini glass!