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Found the Malt Loaf to try. It's Mary Berry's Sultana Malt Loaf recipe. It seems more squidgy than cakey.


Even Stickier Malt Loaf

Sticky Malt Loaf recipe. A cross between malt loaf and tea loaf, sticky, squidgy, and tasty enough to rival that one in the yellow packet!


Sticky malt loaves

Sticky malt loaf. 150mL black tea, 175g malt syrup, 85g muscovado, 300g dried fruit, 2 lg eggs, beaten; 250g AP flour, 1t baking powder, 1/2 baking soda. Mix wet, add dry, pour in pan. Bakd 50mi at 130-150C oven.


How to make the perfect malt loaf

Felicity Cloake: Do you eat your malt loaf plain, topped with cheese, loaded with butter or, heretically, toasted? And what other malty recipes float your boat?


Nigel Slater’s malt loaf recipes

malt loaf in parchment paper and a slice of it on a round plate (fine, but maybe we should use a darker malt if made again. Also, I may prefer other fruity quickbreads over this, though I really like the way Nigel Slater writes about it.)


Super Sticky Delicous Malt Loaf- a Great British Tradition

Malt loaf is a traditional British recipe enjoyed here for centuries. Making a malt loaf is so easy and the results truly delicious.


Low-sugar malt loaf bars

It's always nice to include a little treat in your child�s school packed lunch. However, cakes and biscuits are a big no-no. Thankfully, these low-sugar malt loaf bars are here to save the day! Malt extract is used as a natural sweetener, while wholemeal flour adds some extra fibre. The resulting loaves are sticky, squidgy and full of flavour; a perfectly healthy, lunch box treat!