Man Ray - Tears, 1930 photographe surréaliste J'aime le côté dramatique dans l'image. Je trouve la cadrage très intéressant et hors du commun.

Le Violon d'Ingres by Man Ray, 1924

Man Ray / "Tears" / 1930 / Photography / He is noted for his work with photograms, which he called "rayographs" in reference to himself.

man ray: tears.... my ultimate fav photo by my ultimate fav photographer... REAL PHOTOGRAPHY, REAL ART

Man Ray Les Larmes (Glass tears) The model is in fact not a real woman but a fashion mannequin with glass bead tears on the cheeks. Here, again, Man Ray is exploring his interest in the real and unreal by challenging the meaning of still-life photography.

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Man Ray, Indestructible Object (Object to be Destroyed) - Destroyed by ManRay 1923

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Man Ray Noire et Blanche Man Ray trust pictoright Amsterdam

Juliet Man Ray photo by Man Ray (1945)

Man Ray - Juliet Browner wrapped in scarf 1945 (possibly influenced by Erwin Blumenfeld's 1937 image?

Man Ray  "Suicide"  (Self-portrait)  From the negative  1932. Image from:  "Man Ray | Lee Miller, Partners in Surrealism"  Phillip Prodger  Merrell  2011

Man Ray "Suicide" (Self-portrait) From the negative 1932 Portrait Photography This is important because it shows the struggles of average day people, it also shows the constant mental state of people in this era and in society's rat race

man ray #blackandwhite #hands

arpeggia: “Horst P. Horst - Hands, New York, 1941 See more Horst P. Horst posts here.

Man Ray. Although commonly dubbed as the photogram today, there’s a pleasant science-fiction flavor to Man Ray‘s original coinage, the Rayograph. It’s basically a photograph, although one created without the use of a camera. A Rayograph is created by placing objects directly onto a chemically “sensitized” surface and then exposing them to light

A Rayograph by Man Ray. Although commonly dubbed the photogram today, there’s a…

Her portrait is framed perfectly even though half of it is like a shadow, you can still make out where she stands.  #U4APSA

Portrait by Man Ray Ella Raines American film and television actress.

Man Ray, Dancer Bronislava Nijinska, 1922 on ArtStack #man-ray #art

PERFORMANCE ART Man Ray, Dancer Bronislava Nijinska Surrealist Film maker, Photographer Artist Man Ray played with character and performance in his artworks.