Honest Comics About How Differently Society Treats Dads Vs. Moms (By Chaunie Brusie)

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There are six major types of conflict you can use when writing your novel || Writing

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Great blog post that uses pictures from The Incredibles to teach different types of conflict in stories.

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One Love to all the strong beautiful women of the world. You are truly the backbone of society.

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There are 6 types of conflict separated into two types: External and Internal ConflictExternal Conflict: 1. Man Vs. Man 2. Man Vs. Society 3. Man Vs. Nature 4. Man Vs. Technology 5. Man Vs. Super N…

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Teaching the Four Types of Conflict Found In Literature With Storyboard That - Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Society, and Man vs. Self.

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