Art Therapy Ideas. The empathy response art is the idea of sharing the feeling of another � to feel with, or to feel alongside someone else. It is not only useful for therapist client relationships, but it can also be very helpful for both parents and children.

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Personal Mandala - in the circle ask the student to write what they wish for their life and then decorate outside with images/patterns to create a personal mandala From

ART THERAPY REFLECTIONS: Mandalas in Art Therapy- Making a mandala is a discipline for pulling all those scattered aspects of your life together, for finding a center and ordering yourself to it. You try to coordinate your circle with the universal circle. -Joseph Campbell The Power of Myth

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The #silverlining benefits of Mandalas. Amazing #arttherapy to lift the mind, body and spirit! THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ART ED CENTRAL

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Art Therapy Ideas. Think self portrait with bio. combining art and journal therapy in a beautiful way.

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