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In pictures: Lion in Czech zoo wows visitors with his beautiful mane

He obviously takes pride in his appearance: Meet Leon the lion whose luxurious bouffant style hair makes him the mane attraction! This king of the jungle knows a thing or two about making sure he is...

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Rare liliger cubs become mane attraction at a Russian zoo - the result of breeding lions and tigers

Even more rare than the liger & tigon, the liliger cub is the offspring of a male lion with a female liger. These cubs were born to a zoo in Russia and have a unique coat pattern. They aren’t stripes like a tiger, but almost dots like a leopard.

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Horses for (anatomy) courses... Painted ponies are mane attraction for students

Gillian Higgins, shows off her art work on Kiitos (Finnish for 'Thank You') at BCA Equestrian, Maidenhead. She paints the skeleton and musculature on the side of horses to explain their workings to students. Can we do this to Zoomer?

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There is a saying, "Better Late than Never". Well we finally got to post this Beauty-Hair story by West Coast Photographer Christos Sewell appropriately called "Mane Attraction" with Model Luccia Cafiero.Print

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Community Post: 12 Terrifying Long Haired Horses And What They're Hiding

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Rare liliger cubs become mane attraction at a Russian zoo - the result of breeding lions and tigers

Mane Attraction Bead Feather Horse Jewellery Collection, tail drop, mane clip, bridle dangle

Mane Attraction Bead Feather Horse Jewellery by DreamOfMustangsMB

[Song] The Spectacle (Razzle Dazzle) - My little Pony (The Mane Attraction) - YouTube IM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG!! Who is to!?

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Mane Attraction Canvas Print / Canvas Art by David Gage

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blonde + braids

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10 Amazing Lion Sculptures Made From Surprising Stuff...

A mature male lion has a mane that covers the backside of the head and shoulders.

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Sarah Jessica Parker is the mane attraction with her bouffant hair

The Sex And The City star sported an uncharacteristically wild look in London, prompting speculation that she had left her usually hair stylist back in the U.S. and hired one who got a little crazy with the curling iron.

MLP Equestria the Land I Love Song w/Reprise Lyrics in Description (The Mane Attraction) - YouTube

Red Reasoning: Mane Attraction // Collab with Sapphire Heart Song - YouTube

Kate Beckinsale dons silky pantsuit & heels as she touches down at JFK

Mane attraction: Ever the glamorous movie star, she didn't have a single hair out of place...

THIS blonde. Perfect.

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↞ @eausosexy ↠

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