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THIS SERIES IS READ FROM LEFT TO RIGHT Adventure Time © Pendleton Ward Katkat-Tan FB Page Katkat-Tan FC Ask-Away! whoo, original finn makes an appearance c: i thought, doing the pages in fu...

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BMO - Adventure Time detailed step by step tutorial

The difference

Dude, anime is just so much better! Still, I ship Flame Prince and Finn, don't ask me why. Yaoi head taken over my life :)

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LSP looks a little weird and I like how on cotton candy princess that she has the little stick that you hold to eat as a hair piece its very creative and cute<3

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Blagues & Co - (page 7) - Genshoku Mangas

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adventure time chibi | ... Renders Marshall Lee Adventure Time Chemise Rouge Torse Coeur Ceinture

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So this is supposed to be Marshall Lee from Adventure Time but lets be honest. He looks way more like Izaya~

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Time to get crazy - Adventure Time on Behance

Time to get crazy - Adventure Time on Behance

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