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The Perfect Manhattan – A Classic Cocktail

Prefer your Manhattan with Sweet Vermouth and a Cherry or Dry with a Lemon Twist? Or maybe you want it Perfect!

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Red Moon Over Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

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Manhattan Cocktail

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Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

The Manhattan cocktail is made by stirring together rye or Canadian whiskey with sweet red vermouth and a dash of bitters. The drink is usually finished with a cocktail cherry and is traditionally served in a cocktail glass.

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MANHATTAN. 2 dashes angostura bitters, 1 ounce sweet vermouth, 2 1/2 ounces bourbon (such as Buffalo Trace), 1 maraschino cherry. Fill a short glass 2/3 full with ice. Add bitters, vermouth, and bourbon. Add cherry (and crush it against the side of the glass with a spoon). Stir.

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20 of the Most Popular Cocktails and How to Make Them

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Fashionable Manhattan

Different take on my favorite fall/winter cocktail, The Manhattan. This one is a Fashionable Manhattan |

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The Black Manhattan is Pure Magic

The Black Manhattan 2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey (Buffalo Trace, Bulleit 10) 1 oz Averna 1–2 dashes Angostura bitters Stir all ingredients with ice until cold; strain into a well-chilled cocktail stem. Garnish with a brandied cherry.

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