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The 8 Indian Classical Dance styles: 1. Bharatanatyam (Tamil Nadu). 2. Kathak (North India). 3. Kathakali (Kerala). 4. Kuchipudi (Andhra Pradesh). 5. Manipuri (Manipur). 6. Mohiniyattam (Kerala). 7. Odissi (Orissa), and 8. Sattriya (Assam).


Manipuri is one of the six major classical dances of India. Manipuri dance is indigenous to Manipur, the North eastern state of India. The most striking part of Manipur dance is its colorful decoration, lightness of dancing foot, delicacy of drama, lilting music and poetic charm. The Manipuri dance form is mostly ritualistic and draws heavily from the rich culture of the state of Manipur. Manipuri dance is purely religious and its aim is a spiritual experience.


Manipuri is the classical dance from the Manipur region in the North East. Very much religious and associated to Vaishnav cult of Hinduism, the art form primarily depicts episodes from the life of Lord Vishnu. Manipuri dance style is multifaceted and ranges from the softest feminine to the vigorous masculine.


#Manipuri dance an assessment on history and presentation Sruti Bandopadhay Manipuri is one of the seven major classical dance forms of India. Originating and nurtured in Manipur, the farthest northeastern state of India, this dance style is inextricably woven into the life pattern of Manipuri people.

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Manipuri dance counts to be the one the major classical dance forms in India. It's serenity is unmatched!