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Bloomin' Love Valentine's Day Card

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33+ Helpful Moving Tips and Tricks That Everyone Should Know

Lots of clever moving and packing tips from Listotic! Very cool tips! Definitely worth looking into if moving.

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this is funny on so many different levels

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I definitely don't hate men but too many women are scared of things that are mostly caused by men

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HAHAHAHA had to pin this because reminds me of my golden Angel Shelbee(God rest her sweet soul) she despised all flying bugs(except butterflies )and insects-"especially bee's"-She killed them-with me sooo scared she'd get stung! Once she killed so many bee's I was sure she had to have gotten stung-so I called the vet-N she had me give her benedryl-she was a real laid back chilled golden-calm soul anyway-it knocked her out for six hours! I about diedI panicked n kept calling the vet! Sh...

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pronunciation | \el-U-“ther-O-‘mAn-E-a\ #eleutheromania, noun, origin: greek, english, AMERICA, amurrica, freedom, free, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, E, lots of E words lately,

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Newt Scamander - so many things to love about Newt. But I also definitely thought of The Doctor.

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There are so many words in my head, trying to find their way into my journal - it's not always easy, but I'm working on it. What's the most difficult thing about journaling for you? For me, it's definitely staying honest and not keeping things away. But I remind myself every day - my journal is my friend.

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" What I don’t understand is how a person can tell you so many lies and never feel bad about it.." || Anime: Kagerou Project - Mekakucity Actors || © Edited by Karunase ||

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