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The creation myth of Maori legend is simply told in Peter's stunning, illustrative style. Bold design and brief text introduce the struggle of the children of Rangi and Papa as they try to part their parents and bring light to the world.

Faced with too short days and long nights Maui comes up with a plan to slow the sun's passage through the sky. With the help of his brothers, Maui sets out for the home of the sun to catch it and make it move more slowly.

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Teaching Myths and Legends:▶ Hatupatu and Kurangaituku - Maori Legend Animation - YouTube

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How Maui Slowed the Sun...I wanted to use this when we did porquoi tales, if YouTube wasn't blocked!

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Māori Myths and Legends Reading Texts with Higher Order Thinking

This pack includes four Year Five, Year Six, Year Seven and Year Eight Maori Myths and Legends literature texts with six engaging text dependent higher order thinking tasks. These link directly to the New Zealand Curriculum, Level Three, Listening, Reading and Viewing.

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