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The Appalachian Trail through Georgia

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Appalachian Trail Map - site full of information about the trail, from volunteer info to leaving no trace guidelines. Definitely a bucket list item!

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Appalachian Trial from north to south. I have been on a small portion, but would be neat to see more. Especially the beginning mountain of springer and ending of kathadin.

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Beautiful Time-Scale Transit Maps by Peter Dunn

credit: Peter Dunn. It's a map of the famous Appalachian Trail, but done subway-style. The trail is so long - 2,184 miles/3,515 km - that even as a map it doesn't all fit on a screen.

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6 mile to 1800' elevation gain hike in Salisbury, Connecticut in the Litchfield HIlls. CT's tallest mountain summit! Hiking guide and maps. DOG FRIENDLY and a part of the Appalachian Trail

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Georgia's Appalachian Trail Map. I live right in the middle of this. I might be using this map every weekend!

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Appalachia is a region whose geographical boundaries exist not because of any legal boundaries, but because of the shared history, culture, and environment of mountain people in eastern North America. We believe that any progress toward justice in this region requires a clear understanding of place. Below is a brief overview of the very long, complex, difficult and beautiful history of Appalachia.

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The National Trail System

Hope to hike the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail Why do we always hear about the Appalachian trail but none of these others?

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John Muir Trail, Probably more likely to do this than the Appalachian Trail or maybe just a taste of what it would be like.

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State and National Parks

Bennington, Vermont's Long Trail. Beginning in 1945, over a period of five years, five people disappeared on or near the Long Trail. Only one body was ever found. To date no one can positively say what happened to the other four...

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Pacific Crest Trail~ one of my sons accomplishments + Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide next = Triple Crown~

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Appalachian Trail Map, The people's Trail Map, Hiking trail map, america trail map

Have you ever dreamed of hiking the Appalachian Trail? This map is a piece illustrated for those who love hiking and exploring the natural wonder

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Max Patch is quite likely the most popular and most loved Appalachian Trail hike in North Carolina

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The Appalachian Trail through Georgia

Map of Appalachian Trail Through Georgia

Appalachian Trail - Interactive Guide. Hike details, searchable by state. From Backpacker Magazine

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Megahiking: The 12,500-mile All-in Trek

Bucket list... Some Day I hope to do all of these. Maybe not all in one trip... But finish them all!

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Appalachian Trail Map. I think this one is better at encompassing the magnitude of such a hike.

Appalachian Trail Map. I think this one is better at encompassing the magnitude of such a hike.

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