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Satellite eye on Earth: January 2012 – in pictures

The Strait of Gibraltar, where Europe meets Africa. Photograph: Andre Kuipers/ISS/ESA

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Rock of Gibraltar: Gibraltar is a small, narrow peninsula, located at the southern edge of Spain. It overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar, and the northern coastal areas of Africa. Over the centuries, Gibraltar's unique position at the western entrance of the Mediterranean Sea, made it the focus of territorial power struggles, and those struggles (all be them peaceful) continue to this day.

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BALEARIC islands map 1895 original antique map of Gibraltar strait Canary islands - old map poster Spain - vintage maps - 9x12 inch

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497 - Nazis Up the Mississippi, And Other Axis Invasion Scenarios

Nazi invasion maps of the USA. Plan Four is the much-discussed invasion by way of Gibraltar-Dakar-Natal-Trinidad, which President Roosevelt’s Good Neighbour policy has tried to defend against. It is based on combining the Japanese, German, Italian and Vichy navies, freed by the capture of Gibraltar and Suez. They must fight the Allied fleets somewhere. Invasion pours up the Mississippi Valley.

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July 2, 1976: North Vietnam unites North and South Vietnam to form the "Socialist Republic of Vietnam".

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Strait of Gibraltar Map; my most cultured, so to peak, travel experience to date, amazing!

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