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Lily playing pranks on the Marauders. So good it's almost cannon. In fact I shall take it as cannon.

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I've always wondered whether the Marauders knew Molly, because her brothers were in the Order with them.

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YES! YES! SO MUCH YES! the actor playing young James looks so much like Daniel Radcliffe that this could work!!! SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS!!

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xD This is hilarious. Even though I don't understand why people make Sirius out to seem stupid/play stupid. He was brilliant and he knew it, and probably loved to show everyone that he was cooler, smarter, better than them (except James and perhaps Remus of course)

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phoenix-oppugno-scrapbooks: “ Taken by Remus Lupin at the wedding of James and Lily Potter. Ca. 1978. ”

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Harry Potter More

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the marauders More

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