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MARC FABER: Not Even Gold Will Save You From What Is Coming

MARC FABER: Not Even Gold Will Save You From What Is Coming--"Despite the continued reverberations regarding the Cyprus bailout and its involvement of bank deposits, gold struggled to maintain the positive momentum created in the first two weeks of March and instead now looks very likely to move lower, towards $1580/oz," wrote Deutsche Bank commodities analyst Xiao Fu in a note this morning...

GLOBALISTS LAUNCH ECONOMIC FALSE FLAGS AFTER BREXIT The market turmoil after Brexit due to central bank manipulation

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Marc Faber: “Messiah” Central Banks Currency Printing “Will Not End Well” | Zero Hedge

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"Brexit Sends A Clear Message To Sick Political Elite" Marc Faber Sees "Only Good Contagion" | "We're moving into a global recession that has nothing to do with Brexit," warns Marc Faber stressing that Britain leaving the EU would not be disastrous, saying that if Switzerland can operate in a "single" market and outside of the EU so can Britain.

What's Dragging Down European Banks: Oil And Commodity Exposure As High As 160% Of Tangible Book

Marc Faber Issues A Stunning Warning That A Gigantic 50 Percent Stock Market Crash Could Be Coming -

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Gold’s “Bigger Question” Is Where To Store It - Marc Faber | Zero Hedge