If you know that you are ready to transform your life. Discover the keys to Fireworks of Passion and Romance. On March 19th, 32 Experts, 32 Strategy filled Topics. Marc Gafni is one of the speakers.

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Marc Gafni has again re-imagined himself as a spiritual teacher and resurfaced, this time to teach Tantric sexuality at a school in NY. He…

We live in a world of outrageous pain. The only response to outrageous pain is Outrageous Love. - Marc Gafni

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Book by Marc Gafni - Two major works have been written within the framework of Integral Wisdom about the nature of Self and God. While they share important features, namely the evolutionary context of the conversation and a vision of Self beyond Ego, their interior visions of the quality of the Self beyond Ego are profoundly different. Both of these visions of Self-or key dimensions of the two versions-have been adopted, directly and indirectly by many spiritual teachers.

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Why You Should Boycott Marc Gafni’s Movie, “RiseUp” - I'm writing to bring attention and sound a serious warning about what are, in my opinion, deceptions taking place around the movie

"The Mystery of Love," the profound philosopher and beloved spiritual teacher Marc Gafni invites readers to the next step on the journey, addressing with passion, wisdom, and genuine humility the all-important issues of love, creativity, and our erotic connection to the universe.

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"To live an awakened life means to live every moment knowing that reality is always 50/50 and that my very next step determines the whole story" - Marc Gafni

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