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Marc Garneau - 1st Canadian in space


Joseph Jean-Pierre Marc Garneau, C.C., CD, Ph.D., F.C.A.S.I., MP (born February 23, 1949) is a Canadian politician, retired military officer, former astronaut and engineer. Garneau was the first Canadian in outer space taking part in three flights aboard NASA Space shuttles. He was the president of the Canadian Space Agency from 2001 to 2006, and in 2003 was installed as the ninth Chancellor of Carleton University in Ottawa.

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William Turner Jr.

Orlando Bloom would be perfect as Marc Garneau in an adaptation of "The Silk…


'Mr. Harper is a one-trick pony,' Marc Garneau says

5 ottobre 1984: Marc Garneau diventa il primo canadese nello spazio

Marc Garneau quotes #openquotes

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Oct. 5, 1984, Launch of History-Making STS-41G Mission

Shuttle Challenger flies above the clouds during a dawn launch, photographed from the air by a Shuttle training aircraft


Marc Garneau - A Preschool Outer Space Interview

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New Expedition 34 Crew Members Welcomed Aboard Station

NASA - New Trio Launches to Join Expedition 34 Soyuz vient de partir pour la Space Station avec Chris Hadfield, astronaute canadien qui sera le commandant pour les prochains 6 mois. Pas mal nice. Un new Marc Garneau!!! lol Bonne chance man et ramène-nous des étoiles de là-bas svp. \µ/—>:)