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Bicycle Wheel Marcel Duchamp 1964 (replica of 1913 original) Medium: Wheel, painted wood Dimensions: Diameter: 25 1/2inches (64.8cm) Base height: 23 1/2 inches (59.7 cm)

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Marcel Duchamp photo Marvin Lazarus (1918–1982) 1962. Taken at the Museum of Modern Art on the final day of the “The Art of Assemblage” exhibition in 1961. The exhibition included thirteen of Duchamp’s works. Lazarus’s image captures Duchamp with his artwork: he stands framed within the spokes of his Bicycle Wheel, gazing up at his last painting, Tu m’, with one arm familiarly tossed around the shoulder of his Fountain.

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Bicycle Wheel, Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp smoking Cigar next to Bicycle Wheel, Duchamp Retrospective, Pasadena Art Museum, San Francisco 1963, vintage gelatin silver print Julian Wasser

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"Marcel Duchamp, arguably the most influential artist of the 20th Century!" Any arguments?

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POST: 'The Duchamp Syndrome' Perhaps the happy ending was the one he never got.

Tipico prodotto dada è il ready-made (già fatti o già pronti), un prodotto ordinario tolto dall'oggetto originario e messo in mostra come opera d'arte. Quindi un'opera d'arte può essere qualsiasi cosa, quindi come conseguenza nulla è arte. L'opera dell'artista non consiste quindi nella sua abilità manuale, ma nelle idee che riesce a proporre. Infatti, il valore dei «ready-made» è solo nell'idea.

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Lobster Telephone by Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel and Campbell’s Tomato Soup Can by Andy Warhol were the inspiration for the creators of this Panamericana School of Art and Design Campaign that shows that the true value of Art is not in its materials.

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Curator Ann Temkin on Marcel Duchamps readymade 'Bicycle Wheel' 1913