Infanta Maria Theresa of Spain (1638–1683), future Queen of France, in a hunting habit; circle of Diego Velazquez, 17th century

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Empress Maria Theresa of Austria (1717-1780; reigned 1740-1780) was one of Europe’s strongest rulers during the eighteenth century. Her daughter, Maria Antonia (Marie Antoinette), was one of sixteen children.

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Archduchesses of Austria The 8 surviving daughters of Maria Theresa of Austria, most portraits believed to have been done by Martin van Mytens. Left to Right Top: Maria Mariana Anna (1738-1789), Maria Mimi Christina (1742-1798), Maria Elisabeth (1743-1808), Maria Amalia (1746-1804), Maria Joanna (1750-1762), Maria Josepha (1751-1767), Maria Carolina (1752-1814), Maria Antonia aka Marie Antoinette (1754-1793) (via)

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Maria Theresa succeeded her father, Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, as empress of the Hapsburg controlled lands of Central Europe in 1740. She made her son, Joseph II, coregent in 1765 after the death of her husband. In the same year Maria Theresa came to power, Fredrick II of Brandenburg-Prussia initiated the War of Austrian Succession by invading the Hapsburg province of Silesia...

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Maria Theresa of Austria (1717-1780), daughter of Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor & Elizabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel. Maria Theresa was an Archduchess of Austria & later Queen of Hungary & Bohemia (1740-1780) in her own right & Holy Roman Empress (1745-1765) as wife of Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor.

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Portrait of a young Maria Theresa of Austria, Queen of Saxony. She was the first daughter and oldest child of the future Leopold II and Maria Luisa of Spain.

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