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Infographic on shark finning and the importance of sharks in marine ecosystems - Pew Environment Group


This teacher had her class create a bulletin board display on a pond unit. This culminating project can be adjusted to create a marine ecosystem, where students can be responsible for researching, typing, and printing information about animals, food chains, biomes, and other marine subjects. This is a great activity to foster student's creativity and collaboration, which is aligned with cc standard SL.4.1. This was pinned from…


Marine Ecosystems Study Aid/Interactive Notebook Foldable

This paper foldable is a great addition to your environmental science lesson! Students can list the marine ecosystems (estuaries, intertidal zones, neritic zone, open ocean, etc.) you want them to study on the front flaps and then fill in the habitat characteristics as they learn!


China || Chengjiang Fossil Site. A hilly 512 ha site in Yunnan province, Chengjiang’s fossils present the most complete record of an early Cambrian marine community with exceptionally preserved biota, displaying the anatomy of hard and soft tissues in a very wide variety of organisms, invertebrate and vertebrate. They record the early establishment of a complex marine ecosystem.


layers of the ocean ecosystem | Science- Unit 8- Ecosystems - Mrs. Sanford's 4th Grade Blog!