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Behind every strong Marine there is an even stronger woman who stands behind him, supports him, Pray for him, and loves him forever. - His Mom❤️

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Marine Prayer Plaque

This is beautiful. It is a completely different feeling to be the mom of a Marine then the wife. Both are difficult. Its like your heart has come to a point of quiet surrender to a plan that you can never control. Watching two of the most important men in your life answer a calling that is sure to change them forever and trusting that this change is in God's plan no matter what, is a feeling no words can describe yet, this prayer might come close. Daria Knapp, Marine Corps, wife and mother.

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maybe it hurts when you read these things, but i hold it all in until it just springs, i really don't mean to be overbearing, but each day seems a year when to you i cant sing, of the missing and blissing that you bring to me, all the joy and excitement anticipating, i wish i cared less and could just let you be, hate me! i'm crazy, caring is not free.

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Ahh, military goodbyes & homecomings! Just did the "see ya later" thing yesterday. :(

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