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Mark Ritson

Mark Ritson: The marketing stories that mattered this year | Here’s my highly scientific countdown of the top 10 things you should have been paying attention to this year, and what they mean for 2017. (15/12/16)

Advertisers are not like "Normal" Consumers, and that Screws Up How They See the World. Completely. | Mark Ritson | Pulse | LinkedIn

Mark Ritson: Those who bash segmentation and targeting are talking nonsense

If you buy the idea of millennials, then you must, by definition, reject the concept of proper segmentation and of consumers holding different perceptions and experiences - millennials are essentially the same.

Mark Ritson: Eight marketing concepts - some heavenly, some hellish (Marketing Week Live 2016)

Mark Ritson: Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t an ‘expert’ in marketing be trained in marketing?

Mark Ritson: The idea that marketers need to be creative is a load of baloney, we’re useless at it | Marketing Week

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram massively over-rated by marketers, says Prof Mark Ritson