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Kalash girl, Northern Pakistan. I recently did a presentation on their cultural concept of love, which involves first an arranged marriage, then eloping with another man later in life.


Girl, 15, divorces parents to escape arranged marriage in Pakistan

4/14: Around 5% percent of the original 67% of girls who attend school in Pakistan make it to college. They do not attend college because of the poverty and marriage at a young age.


Violence against women has always been an issue. It is something that transcends religions, countries, and classes. It is also something that cannot be condoned and must be stopped at every point it rears its head. This is why women in Pakistan gathered after a woman was set on fire and died after rejecting a marriage proposal. This is common in Pakistan and that is the unacceptable truth. Women have little/no control over many life choices and are punished for taking it into their own…