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A ninja-western worth watching if you love martial art's movies, carnies and can stand contemporary, more than spaghetti, Westerns.

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Hero - Jet Li, Not really my genre but pinned for it's extraordinary use of color and dramatic artistry of each scene.

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Ip Man 2 (2010)

The new wave of martial arts movies from China. Very slick, very fast and Donnie Yen is a treat to watch in this.

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The Forbidden Kingdom. Awesome movie! And not to forget the epic battle of jet li and jacky chan. Two martial arts legends.

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New Funko Pops Coming in 2016

Robert Bruno Hits Fans With A 1 Inch Punch With A Fantastic Tribute Print To Bruce Lee’s “Enter The Dragon”

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Shop Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon online in India. Buy Movie - Character - Quotes Posters on at cheap prices and best quality.

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Michael Jai White Video: The Martial Arts Movie Star on How Traditional Martial Arts Training Led to Success In His Life and Career! — In this exclusive interview filmed during his cover shoot for the October/November 2014 issue of Black Belt magazine, the martial arts movie star talks about discipline, development and training with the late Joe Lewis. #blackbeltmagazine #martialarts #michaeljaiwhite #joelewis #kyokushin #karate #martialartsmovies #photoshoots #flyingkicks #spawn…

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