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Martin Fowler: My introductory article on agile methods, focusing on the two key criteria that sets them apart from the traditional view of software process: adaptive planning and a people-centered approach.


This is a really good book on software development. Refactoring - Improving the Design of Existing Code by Martin Fowler.

Martin Fowler – What Does Tech Excellence Look Like? | TW Live Australia 2016 - YouTube

Martin Fowler's talk from the GOTO Aarhus Conference 2012: ABSTRACT: Martin gives a rapid introduction to NoSQL databases: where they came from, the nature of the data models they use, and the different way you have to think about consistency. From this he outlines what kinds of circumstances you should consider using them, why they will not ma...


Martin Fowler is an author and international speaker on software development, specializing in object-oriented analysis and design, UML, patterns, and agile software development methodologies, including extreme programming.