Martyn Lannister, captured by the Starks, along with his brother Willem

Martyn Lannister, played by Dean Charles Chapman, who later played King Tommen Baratheon

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Martyn Lannister and Willem Lannister

Martyn Lannister & his brother Willem who were captured by the Stark army

martyn lannister; born LION

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Game of Thrones. Martyn Lannister Becomes Tommen Baratheon

Martyn Lannister

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The Tullys captured two Lannisterboys. One of them was Martyn Lannister. He had a bruise on his arm, so Talisa looked after him. The boy asked Talisa if he could turn into a wolf at night and if he eats children. --- I liked this scene. Talisa had a sweet sense of humor in that scene. And look who we have there 😉 --- Please follow the new account: @gameforironthrone @gameforironthrone @gameforironthrone There are already nice pictures posted. So it's worth it 😊😊😊 --- #talisamaegyr…

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