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Martyn Lannister, played by Dean Charles Chapman, who later played King Tommen Baratheon

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Martyn Lannister, captured by the Starks, along with his brother Willem

Martyn Lannister & his brother Willem who were captured by the Stark army

Martyn Lannister

Martyn Lannister is a character in the third season. Along with his brother Willem, he is a...

Martyn Lannister and Willem Lannister

The Tullys captured two Lannisterboys. One of them was Martyn Lannister. He had a bruise on his arm, so Talisa looked after him. The boy asked Talisa if he could turn into a wolf at night and if he eats children. --- I liked this scene. Talisa had a sweet sense of humor in that scene. And look who we have there 😉 --- Please follow the new account: @gameforironthrone @gameforironthrone @gameforironthrone There are already nice pictures posted. So it's worth it 😊😊😊 --- #talisamaegyr…