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I'm making a Marvel RP board! You can be any existing Marvel character, or you can be an OC, but please no gender-swapped characters. Thanks! (Taken Characters: Loki, Sif)

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Hey guys!! We're going to do another required RP... But this time your characters participating in the civil war will be pitted against characters on the opposing team! GET YOUR RP'S UP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OR I WILL BE PISSED THANK YOU. @likethenumber you're good for now man :) Please message me so I can tell you who will be going against who.

Marvel releases concept art for Age of Ultron and Ant-man AND announces ANOTHER release date for News By: Joey Aranda Hosted By: Blaine Gibson Music B.

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This is the latest edition of ALW's series "The Why". This edition we answer the question: "Why do Marvel Comics' movies and TV shows connect with audiences?