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OH MY GODS I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THIS TRAILER! I cannot wait for this movie to come out!

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Interesting...<-------- I'm calling it. There is going to be something in the future having to do with the number 12 and the next few marvel movies! I'm calling it!

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Move on, Clint--->>> you paralyze someone for ONE week ONE time, and they never let you forget it...

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......break my heart into a Million pieces then.<<~who wants to come cry in the corner with me?

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The Russos and Sebby himself are the only people I trust w any future Marvel movies.

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Matt Murdock's Daredevil powers allow him to recognize superheroes (and villains) outside of their costumes. It takes tact (and his radar sensing whether they're in cosplay or clothesplay) to recognize who they are. (Thank you, Mrs. Parker, for shaming me for my "didn't see it coming" jokes re blind Marvel characters.)

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