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How many times have you read or heard the story of Mary and Martha and walked away feeling like you just got a scolding for being too much like Martha? I'm a doer. My love language is acts of service. I've struggled many times with the fact that God made me this way, but He seems to favor Mary in this story. On a mission trip last week, God decided to give me a very real Mary and Martha dilemma and validate the Martha in me. #Devotional #Christianity ‪#‎Godsightings‬


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Grace&Gratitude Pitcher and Chalkboard Tray from Mary&Martha. Combining work & faith.

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Top 10 Quotes on Having a Mary Heart

I struggle with balance. I think I may have multiple personalities. My pendulum swings from completely lazy to frantically busy. Somewhere in the middle, there must be a happy medium. That’s why I read Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver. I was hoping she would show me how to sit … … Continue reading →


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Having a Martha Home the Mary Way is for those of us who are still drowning a bit in housework, but who need to know that our identity is not in the work or the expectations put on us. At the heart, this book is about love, loving ourselves and others through a home that offers rest and peace and welcome.

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The Needed Choice. The Better Choice.

Luke 10:41-42 --- ☕ Would you be to preoccupied with the cares of this world, than what's more important to do in order to have a stress free life. Because when we stop and let God be God of our lives, and take heed to all He has for us to do. Life becomes sweeter, richer, and fuller within His Light (In His Presence), that we become less stressed and more blessed.☕°°{DM}°°