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Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Room of Angel (OST - Silent Hill 4)

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Akira Yamaoka & Troy Baker & Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Live 2011 #SilentHill

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Daniel Licht & Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - "Now We're Free" (from SILENT HILL: BOOK OF MEMORIES) by Milan Records on SoundCloud

Found Hell Frozen Rain by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn with Shazam, have a listen:

Zahra Hydris

Zahra Hydris is a Tiefling Warlock and member of the Slayer's Take guild. Lillith Daturai is her cousin. Zahra is played by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Zahra, along with Lyra, was a guest party member with half of Vox Machina. Together, they were required find and slay an adult white dragon in order to gain entrance to the Slayer's Take, a hunting guild in Vasselheim.

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An Interview with Richard Epcar and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. The voices and directing talent behind some of your favorite anime, cartoons, and foreign movies. Welcome. Watch Video @

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